Buying make-up 101: Things to keep in mind…when buying foundation

As a true make up junkie, I’ve had my share of trying out foundations. Many. Foundations.

But before we get into all that jazz, I would like to mention that foundation should be a tool that will enhance your beauty and not a mask that you will hide behind. This is something I have learned through out the years.

So let’s continue. As I have mentioned, being someone who declares herself as a beauty addict, I am someone who knows a fact or two about what should you keep in mind when buying foundation. My experience helps me to keep in mind these few things:

  1. What is the purpose of buying foundation? Are you buying a foundation that will help to look awesome in photography, do you need something that is long lasting, do you need one that will stay on your face during humid weather?
  2. What is your skin type? It is important to know this information before buying a foundation. One foundation cannot look the same on dry, combination or oily skin. If you have dry skin, I would recommend to avoid matte foundation and rather try something that is luminous, radiant and glowy. If oily, go for a matte or natural finish. If your skin type is normal then you can play around with all finishes.  For someone with combination skin type, I would recommend a foundation with a natural finish or something moisturizing.
  3. Always use appropriate skin care product. It is important to hydrate your skin so it looks plumped and nourished. This product can also mimic a base, but the formula of the moisturizer (for an example) shouldn’t be greasy. It must be lightweight and hydrating so your skin can become a perfect canvas for applying foundation on top.
  4. What is your shade? Are you cool or warm undertone? Maybe a neutral? Here is where trying out the foundation in a store or getting a sample will help you to determine what shade works for you.
  5. Which type of formula do you prefer? Are you a liquid, mineral, stick, cushion or a cream type of gal (or guy)? There are so many options these days, everyone has their favorite.
  6. How do you apply your foundation? Some foundations look better when applying with a brush, yet some look like they are made for application with a beauty blender (beauty sponge).

My advice is to always do the research before buying a product. If there is any make-u product that I would recommend to invest in, a foundation is it. It is the base of the whole make up and you apply it (usually) all over your face. Buying a foundation can be expensive, so do your homework. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the lady in the store for any information about the product. If you can, try to get a sample of the product before buying.

These are some tips from me to you. Do you guys have any to share? I would love to read…write in the comments below.



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