Samples – Why we love them, why we need them

First off, I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Now, today I wanted to write a short blog post about samples and mini travel size products and how we all get excited when we get them. And we should be, because we can try out a new product and figure out if we like it…FOR FREE. You can get them with your purchase, if you came across of a promotion of a brand in a store or if you simply ask.


Here again is where the Korean skincare and beauty culture stands out and differ from the Western one. With every purchase they are so kind with the amount of samples they send. But I also have to mention that MAC stores (if you ask for one, they don’t give samples with purchase), L’occitane and LUSH stores are always generous with sample giving. In pharmacy stores you can generally get samples of Avène, Eucerin, Uriage and Vichy products.

Honestly, when it comes to samples, you cannot figure out if the product will make a difference on your skin or not, because it takes a while to use a product and see the change. It does help to find out if it will make an allergic reaction on your skin, if it will break you out, and you can feel the texture and the smell of the product. And we all want to know those things before we spend our money, right?

Samples and travel size items are also ideal to carry with you when travel and you try to size down the amount of product that you put in your luggage.


Conclusion: I write reviews of the products, yet I must recommend that, if you have the chance, always get the sample of the product and try it out before buying. Plus, they are a great way to test out a brand from a luxe price range. It will not only make your wallet be grateful, but it will also help you to find out what you actually like and you even might stumble upon a new holy grail item!

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