Heimish All Clean Balm review

If you are someone who uses a lot of heavy or waterproof makeup, especially the eye makeup, on a regular basis, you should definitely get this.  Read on further to know why.

Product description:
Natural and no paraben ! Heimish All clean balm good for cleansing thick make up , Hypoallergenic ingredients included for sensitive skin type. Balm type cleanser but when it touches water, the texture is changed to oil cleanser such as sherbet type.

Suggest Use:
Step1. Spread on face with 3 or 4 scoops.

Step2. massage in a circle with fingertips.
Step3. wash your face with water.


It comes in the simple designed box which looks like the jar itself.
Right off the bat, I was drawn to the pretty and simple design of the jar! And it’s a humongous jar – 120 ml! It is not exactly a travel-friendly product but you can always transfer to a smaller jar to take it with you.
It comes with a spatula that is placed under the twist off cap. Love it!

I purchased this product from and it cost around $16.00.
If you haven’t used a cleansing balm before, it is basically a solid version of cleansing oil. The surface of the balm reminds me of candle wax but it is not as solid and it turns immediately into oil upon contact with skin. The product is formulated without mineral oil and is 100% fragrance free.
As it is fragance free, the scent is herbal, and while I like it, people who don’t like herbal scents may not be a fan.
The other thing that I love are the active ingredients like shea butter, donkey milk and coconut extract.
It breaks down any make up, dirt or sunscreen immediatley. Upon washing my face, the skin feels soft and the balm is not drying at all. It cleanses all, but it is yet so mild that it doesn’t irritate the skin and it is ideal for all skin types, even the sensitive one.
But, I have to mention, this balm is only the first step of cleansing your face – it is necessary to wash it with another cleanser (like a cleansing foam or a cleansing gel).

Final thoughts:
It works great at cleansing all make up, even the watherproof one. My skin always feels soft, clean, and most importantly, non-stripped after using this balm. The formula is gentle and it doesn’t tug my skin.
I also like how the ingredients are natural and there’s no added fragrance.
I highly recommend this product!
Have you tried this or any other cleansing balm? Or do you maybe prefer cleansing oil?

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