Why I love spring

Spring is the season when everything comes into life after a long, long winter sleep. Everyone wants to get out and feel the sun on their face (sunscreen is a must-have, of course ). It is the time of the year that just invites you to get out of the house. Days are longer and we have ‘more time in the day’ to get things done and the body gets up earlier easily.

Outdoor workout
Changing your environment or type of exercise is good for your body and for your mind. You don’t have to be closed indoors anymore, so you can participate in a number of outdoor activities: running, biking, going to the beach, … so what are you waining for? Get outside and get your dose of Vitamin D.

Time for a picnic in the park
Sun, food, good wine…need I say more?

Everything coming into bloom
Cherry blossoms, magnolias, I think that wherever you may be, the nature is breathtakingly beautiful. Plus, flowers, flowers, flowers…this is the season where you are surrounded not only by beautiful trees, but you can easily come across flower festivals that celebrate the sesason.

Spring cleaning
Spring is the ideal season to get rid of all the things that you don’t need or use anymore. You can also donate items that you think someone else may need more than you. It can be so satisfying to know that you helped someone.
Also, a clean house eases the mind.

Drink coffee on the terase in your favorite café

Try a few new recipes with asparagus/artichoke/strawberries
If you like cooking, make the most of what spring produces. Switch up your diet and try to incorporate more fruit and veggies. It can help you to wake up from a winter’s sleep and rejuvenate your body.

Just appreciate the moment
Try taking a walk as the sun comes up and starts to warm the air or last thing in the evening as the sun begins to go down and just spend a few minutes taking in all the sounds and smells around you.

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