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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres review

I think everyone experiences some kind of damage to their lips in winter, especially if you live somewhere where the weather is rather unpredictable, like I do.

Now, I have been searching for a lipbalm that will help my chopped lips this cold, cold, almost siberian winter.

Cicaplast lip balm (or Cicaplast Levres) does that plus it soothes, protects and rebuilds the epidermis on my cracked and irritated lips.

The product itself comes in a small carton box, and the tube is made of a thick kind of plastic, again all white with the LRP logo printed on it. Ofcorse, I don’t have the box đŸ˜‰

The cap closes tight over a slanted applicator tip which is great  for a precise application. The balm has a very thick consistency that melts smoothly to a protective and a bit glossy film on the lips. It is clear and has no scent or parabens.

Cicaplast Levres is packed with beneficial ingredients targeted to care for the sensitive skin on the lips, amongst which are:

– 10% Shea Butter which provides fatty acids that are structurally close to the ones found naturally in our skin, hence it plays a key role in the product’s hydrating and healing function. Moreover, it helps dry skin recover suppleness

– 5% Panthenol which has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes synthesis of glycerol by keratinocytes (cells that produce keratin, a substance which helps skin regenerate and heal).

My experience with the product is that the application is very easy thanks to the slanted applicator and you can control how much product comes out. I like this kind of packaging for a lipbalm more than a jar because is more hygyenic and easier to apply when on the go.

Do you have any winter lip care favorites?

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