The Good The Bad The Ugly…Birkenstock Madrid sandal

Everbody knows that sandals are the unofficial footwear of summer.

I never thought I’d ever buy a sandal that looks like that…but all summer long (and for the past few years) all I see are Birkenstock sandals around me. So I decided to try them out…and just fell in love.

When I came to the shop, the decision was easy…bright pink Madrid sandals were just looking at me…and I bought them. I have no regrets…they are very comfortable, and became my ‘go-to’ sandals for this summer.


Many people say that Birkenstock sandals are ugly and not fashionable, just simple clunky orthopedically formed slabs with a rubber-cork-mix sole and with thick leather straps.

My opinion is that they are very cute and lightweight. Also, they are a staple item for many beauty bloggers and celebrities when they want to feel comfortable.

I heared that many Birkenstock-lovers wear no other shoe, now I know why…

Do you have any Birkenstock sandals in your collection? Is there any other model that you would reccomend?


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